O' Star

I wish to speak to the star
That glistens the journey so far
And makes the distance ajar
And blares a hope that was so yare

But the muddy sky is too high
For me to glimpse and pry
If only the star could try
Look down to the earth and say hi

I'm standing and spinning in groove
My trembling feet won't move
It's my soul who reproves the goodbye

Just a hello, must I cry?
Dear star, return to me a smile

10000 miles and 12 hours
No sight no sound whatsoever
What's left?
It's a heart that wonders and whispers
"Would things get any better
than yesterdays that full of troubles?"

Dear star, If it takes forever
Forever is my endeavour.



  1. im reading through ur poems and writing..
    just wonder where goes the star?

  2. You know what, fira...
    I wonder the same thing too... XD

    thanks for your comment.