The Day I Thought I Liked You (Love in Laugh and Loo)

The day I thought I liked you
All the tweak and twist at the corner of your face seemed like a smile to me
The actual profuse smiles of yours, were like stars that rained upon me
Your eyes twinkled like glitters from a fairy’s wand, waving
sending me spinning in a galaxy of a romantic hope
Hope and belief, that I liked you

The day I thought I liked you
Your laughter sounded like rhythm of the ocean waves
Full of energy from an orgy of the marine life
dancing in carousel at the deep of your soul
Your boisterous mirth in the loudness of a masculine voice
tickled me like a mermaid’s hand carousing a harp made of wind howl
then I laughed with you
and thought I really liked you

The day I thought I liked you
Your sorrow was painful but beautiful
Every crack in your voice when you spoke of your sadness
was like the thumping sound of an angry angel’s singing,
sending a throbbing shock to my heart, grasping with all it might
Your tears were like pearls, but the little bubbles
appearing and dissolving at the edge of your nasals
were kind of distracting, intriguing and vile
But the instant I looked into your puffy red watery eyes
My heart soaked with the same grief that I myself would cry
Forsake the pearls and bubbles, “here’s my shoulder for you, sweety pie”
for I liked you and I could never lie.

The day I thought I might still like you
You farted so hard
of gases from the rotten morning meal you had
I asked if you had eaten something bad, I don’t quite remember what you said
but something like egg, milk or maybe just bread
The smell traveled in a tiny room in which there were only me and you
It was disgusting that I had to freeze my breath for a minute or two
I thought I had disliked you
But then you said, “hey sorry I farted”
I replied, “that’s okay, I sometimes fart too”
It was some kind of auto reply that I wasn’t intended to do
but made me realized, I still very much like you.

The day I thought I had liked you very much
We were out for a little romance
of a wonderful dinner and some dances
but you ended up shitting in your pants
“it’s uncontrollable” that was you defense
To me that was unacceptable and such an offence
Separate ways, thence we went
I convinced myself that I had never liked you, not even once
But then… my heart was not at ease nor content

I cried so hard that night, of pearls and bubbles
My head hurt and my tummy too, I had diarrhea and all the troubles
I wonder what would you think of me if you ever knew
Would you ever be disgusted and go “eeuwwww”?

To my surprise, you came to me with a blanket and new bed sheet
and handed me a medicine that tasted strangely sweet
Your familiar smiles of stars, waves and all the wonders
lulled me to a such deep slumber
In my dreams an angel whispered
“Hey, nobody likes shits
but human is not always so neat
So be it smile, laugh, cry, fart or even shit
they’re all just some basic needs”
I woke up feeling guilty, for being intolerant and stupid

. . . . . . .

Today, I no longer think about the day I thought I liked you
Instead I knew something better and truer; "I had loved you!"
I love you, the way that you do too… in laugh and loo. My baby boo!

*loo = toilet

Haha! this is probably the most disgusting poem I ever wrote. Its simply a thought of what comes after “I do”. You know, love is not always a bed of flowers. Sometimes, all the nasty things is what made us human. so cheers! :)