Eucalyptus; A ghost.

In the deep dark of the dead dawn
A forest of grief has grown
Rest in rage, a corpse of Eucalyptus
slow dancing in a hiatus

The moon up so high in the sky
hides his eyes away
behind lashes of a shameful decay
refuses to see how her body sways
The riot rhythmic moves of her stained feet
mopping the floor of the rooted, tangled deceit
the dusty ashes of her lost sanity appeals for a fleet

I remember how she opens her eyes when she cries
Trying to roll back the tears forming a lake beneath her bosoms
Her white porcelain skin benumbed by the gloom of doom
Her torn red frolic dress falls revealing her sanctum;
a heart as hollow as a phantom

I remember her crooked brown brows
as her emotion frowns,
with arms hugging her disowned broken boughs
thick black blood runs from her mind to her chin
and she grins as she mouths the word 'sin'.

She dances to direction of the ocean
of tears and blood of the ancient mourners
She sinks deeper as she cries louder
but nobody hears her, not anymore
to the world, she has long disappeared.

and the water ripples in the vast subconsciousness of the sea as she sinks, in silence.

::I wish not to see her again.::


  1. i love this! Is there any reason for the character to be a eucalyptus?

    p.s.: are u taking classes or are you just wonderfully talented?

    p.p.s.: zaid has nothing on you~ heeeheeehee peace bro =)

  2. eucalyptus trees are highly flammable - see any relationship to the poem? I hope u do. ahaha

    funny u're not the first person asking that. I wish I had, but never. neither that I 'wonderfully talented'. that's a bit too flattering. thanks anyway,


  3. Yes i think i see the connection..thanks !

    I think you understood that the question was really not an honest one, just an opening to the following statement. Haha. Its amazing how many people are very gifted in language. You poets should start a poet guild in Msia n collect fans. You have one already.

    Anyways keep up the good work !