Like a slab to the footings
So close and load-bearing
Slightly ajar for a little movement
For the earth is sometimes shaken, with emotion
So it won’t break; a fallen heaven

Like columns to the beams
One keeps standing
so the other can keep hanging
shouldn’t be too close, less its superfluous
shouldn’t be too far, for the span isn’t limitless
they must meet at an accurate angle
knotted with bolt, nuts and dowel
bonding into one composition, like angels
with wings to the body, yet invisible

Like walls to the windows and doors
There’ll be neither without
Though, must not always be with

Like rafters to the roof
Hold it at a distance in the drove
Layered with a fiberglass insulation
Warm, tight like a blanket of love
Concealed; an undercover peace dove
to the gutters that keep them waterproof

Nay, neither should move nor be removed.

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